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Gram Power- Life at a Start-Up

Gram Power- Life at a Start-Up

If everything is under control, you probably aren’t going fast enough!

From a lazy college life to frantic office work, life is a journey of ever changing seasons. Every college pass-out dreams to be a part of billion-dollar organization, (and in most cases) without much contemplation about the job profile, working environment or the scope of growth. This is where, start-ups make a cut!

A start-up is a place occupied by innovative minds with bubbling ideas. It all starts, usually, over a cup of coffee and ultimately expands its reach across the latitudes and longitudes. With so much to experiment, learn and explore, it provides a dynamic work environment to give wings to your career. Although there’s always an element of risk involved with starting your career at a start-up, presuming it doesn’t kick off, however, the benefits are just too much to overlook! You get recognized for the work and develop a sense of responsibility with leadership quality. Moreover, you are also likely to be rewarded for your dedication on timely basis, if it happens to be Gram Power. Wink!

At Gram Power, Interns have greater opportunities to get stuck in and innovate, than at already established businesses. It encourages risk-taking, giving employees the freedom to prove themselves and escalate their potential to the next level. One gets to experience diverse responsibilities at Gram Power over the course of time. You may be a part of Operation’s team, and in a fortnight’s time, you may be leading the Data team or find yourself struggling with a metering bug. You might get bored with your play station, but working at a start-up, like Gram Power, is a never ending thrill, because the melange of challenges just doesn’t stop hitting you. There’re always few surprises awaiting everyday as you bring ideas to life, and in the process, widening your imagination and intellectual powers. Also, you get to experience a deeper sense of self realization, once you’re clear in your conscience what to achieve.

At Gram Power, we cultivate values with culture. Along with an extremely friendly ambiance, our think-tankers ensure that everyone gets equal opportunities and exposure so as to bring about an all round development. While start-up is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are a man on mission with belief in yourself, you know where it all begins…

-Niraj Yadav